Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vote Spain Vote!

Spain is having Communal Elections this month, 22nd May.
Its starting to show on the streets as well, not only news and newspapers. Fuengirola has been run for few years by the right wing party, Partido Popular and the Mayor in charge is a WOMAN! yeah! Esperanza Ona.

She is seems to be very active and can be seen all over. Has visited also our finnish Centro Finlandia for questions and answers. There are tens of thousands of Finns and other nationalities here and ofcourse the city is hoping everyone would also register at the town hall and vote and not just use the service ( and complain)  I guess the same problem as in everyplace, people should vote and be involved much more in general.

Esperanza Ona, I heard, has done a lot of good new things for this city and people during the time she has been the Mayor. I was told she is quite powerful woman who actually gets things done and not just talk about it. Her decisions here have also been in favor for us, the foreign European residence here.

In everyday life,  politics is very much alive here...  Fuengirola TV shows  live broadcastings  from the Town Hall every week. But Im sure, as always in politics, there will be people voting against Mrs Ona as well,  thats democracy, right? Gonna be interesting to see how locals vote and will there be any difference in our life.. We unfortunately cannot vote since we did not register in time for these elections. Shame.

Partido Popular  as a party seems to be rather big thing here, they had left leaflets and invitation to their Elections Party in our mailbox as well. Bummer I only found it afterwords.. (should start checking mailbox more often ..)

This party was held on Saturday Evening at 9pm on Plaza de la Constiticion, which is the main square in Fuengirola.

This invitation leaflet shows their election program:  20 points what the party is planning for Fuengirola. Gonna take few years and needs investments, but will look and be funky place to live if this all goes through and will be finished.
( remember its Andalucia and not always the schedule stays as it was planned- well quite often actually things seem to take more time than was the plan..  )

better looking neighbourhoods

new yacht port ( I like this plan,  the old one is really old and crappy ) 

Turism also important here, ofcourse..

Apart from these new plans on parks and beaches to be better;  with more toilets and emergency rooms and bins. They also want  a hospital for Fuengirola, better elder people care, young people activities, better sports places; even a golf course for the people to use for practise.. -and all the normal concers of each election time..

However,  The Main Focus this time is all over the country -  the unemployment-. The number of people without work in Spain at the moment is scary. Actually, almost the same amount than the entire population of my homecountry Finland. Nearly 5million people. And this is not even the real truth, there is loads and loads of illegal people in this country from Africa only, Im not sure if anyone knows exactly how many. Andalucia is suffering a fair share of this too. Every month newspapers are giving out figures- not very nice figures. Lets just hope that the happenings in North Africa at the moment would bring here some more turists and by that more jobs and money. How this all will be solved is a good question, especially here in Andalucia its also difficult with work because of the siesta and daycare issues. Even though there would be jobs there needs to be someone taking care of the kids. At the moment its rather huge procentage of grandparents looking after the younger ones every single day.

But will take in general for years to get through this recession. Must be thankful for all the golfers :) they will never stop coming- why should they? Many  the best courses in Europe are to be found here and in playing condition 365days a year. So hurray for golfers, old and new,  for keeping many business alive :D

Vote Spain Vote!

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