Friday, May 6, 2011

Proud Mama's Keep On Rocking!

Its Mothers Day again this Sunday in many many countries around the world.
I say We Rock!
what would this world be like without all of us, mothers?
I hope everyone has a great day!

Even though I little bit think mama days and papa days should be everyday, just like friends day, sweethearts day should be more often than just 14th Feb. But I guess all the shops must create something to sell stuff :) I like all homemade, and I still have this on my fridge door. Something Oskar made in nursery in Finland couple years ago.

A friend here asked me yesterday what do we do everyday, dont I go crazy with kiddies.. heh. Ofcourse there are moments Im thinking this is mad and start counting days Patrik comes here.. but most of the time we have fun.. they do crazy things and we all laugh:

Kids are getting used to the fact that daddy is not here all the time and is just fine.We skype, we call and Patrik knows all the time whats up with them. We have a nice home and its kinda easy here. Sun is shining 98% of the time so who can complain? D-vitamine is the best!

We have almost like 2 worlds here, the one were we live... Pretty silent place just a bit outside of the city with friendly neighbours. We like our road to the beach, lovely houses and very green on the way. Kids never complain even though its rather tough hill to climb back home.

Tourist Season officially started here in April already, but its not too hectic yet. For sure beach is busier but not too crowded, also, all the dudes selling stuff there has multiplied like a lot. Me No like. They are starting to get annoying, there is someone in every 5mins bothering you with -buy this and buy that- Somehow I have a feeling its all not very legal what they sell.. unfortunately.

We also have our own sheepfarm here.. hih! Funny enough, strange enough, we have once / twice a week these sheeps coming down under our balcony to eat. We have no idea where they come from, but they keep coming. First time I heard them I was sitting at balcony and drinking coffee and started to hear these little "bells"  like I remember from Little Heidi movies, Heidi in the Swiss Mountains with her grandpa. I thought Im going nuts :D looked down and there they were.. sheeps and couple old men as shephards shouting funny stuff at them. One week they didnt show up at all and we were worried, but the next time they did, we realized whats up. There was lots of babies with them.
So, happy mothers day to Sheepy-Mommies too!

If we dont go to the beach,  we can take the other way and go down to madness to the center of Fuengirola. Sometimes when its nice weather we go down to walk around the paseo and see the action..And I take them to the 2 euros Jumping Castles and little rides by Fuengirola Puerto Marina. Since its not too crazy yet with turists, there is space - and must say- it helps to live here. They let my kids to spend more time there than " the rules" say.  Hihiii...

there just seems to be something going on all the time, I find it hard to believe we have lived here nearly 9months now.. have seen a lot but still have the feeling we havent seen nada. many many places to go and things to do. Sevilla is one place we really want to take kids to and also Granada and Alhaumbra Castle. Tarifa-beaches with windsurfers.. Gibraltar once more..the list comes longer everytime I start thinking about this! I also want to escape some weekend on my own ( lets call it my mothers day present ) to Morocco. We have many little travel agencies here who organize weekend trips or just day trips to Morocco. Id like to see it! and besides, Ive never been to Africa. No Egypt, No Tunisia, No nothing.

                                      A girl must go to Africa atleast once, right? 

This year there will be no cool self made presents coming from kids nursery ( the one they went to in Finland was just amazing, very fynky artistic nursery ) But Oskar is so cute he asked me if I could make breakfast ready on Saturday evening, because he does not know how to yet- so he can serve me the breakfast anyway. Isnt that just sweet!


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