Thursday, April 7, 2011

Plaza Mayor

we had this internet problem for few weeks, could not blog anything since the line was soooo slow it took me 20mins to try to open my blog! .. However we did live during those days.

One Friday couple weeks ago I took kids to Plaza Mayor. A cool cool shopping centre that is outdoors. Small little houses that are painted with brightful colors, very cute place. Restaurants, big cinema, minitrain, little Plaza where they have shows, orange trees all over and lots of activities among shopping. You really got a feeling that you were not in a shopping center. I usually do not like so much the ordinary shopping centers that are indoors, I think one goes crazy there with the fake lighting, noise and this "buy buy buy" attitude. 

Plaza Mayor was something completely different, Im not sure if its the fact that we were outdoors, the deco pleased my eyes and the athmospehere was really laid back. Sure you have all the Zaras and whatever shops there as well. I also heard afterwords that behind the little buildings there is an outlet of Nike and some other big brands. Next time must go check them out. 

- The only bummer of the evening was that I had forgot our camera home! I could not believe it! - so all these pictures are taken with  my mobile phone, sorry! 

Plaza Mayor is in Malaga. Next to the airport and IKEA. You get there the easiest by train, they even have their own stop called Plaza Mayor. 

It is very popular amongst spanish families to go there and just hang around. I was told that Saturdays are not as nice as this early evening on Friday. Its very busy on weekends and lots of queues all over. - so we got lucky, we went really early around 5pm just about when Siesta was finishing and places opening up again. Some of the restaurants were only opening when we left around 8pm. 

We really liked this place with kids, especially the part of Palaza Mayor that is called THE BIG FUN! A huge playarea for kids, you could find there everything, including Bowling. Lots of kids Birthdays are held here at the Big Fun. 

Was cool cool cool place. We will be back! 

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