Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mad Morning

Today was one mad morning in this family.. even though its not even a Monday morning.

But first, I want to go back to my previous blogtexts about the "bad weather week"! I was anxious to see how bad can it get and what does it mean - Orange Alert-

Well.. so far. I have not needed an umbrella, not once this week. It has rained some, but very little in total. Also, the only "attacking orange tree" we have found so far was this one we saw yesterday:

It has been windy, especially at night time we could hear the wind behind our windows. But nothing has flown away from balcony or roof.  Yesterday morning the sea looked pretty bad, not very inviting and I was thinking the fishermen, did they go out? probably.. Patrik also told me that it was so windy at the center of Fuengirola that he was checking the roofs while walking to make sure nothing drops to his head.

But today is ok again.. flowers are on back in action on the field next to us;

and we even saw some sun today! So if this is the bad week. I think we will survive.

This is the weather forecast for the following days:

and the following week says only sunshine again!

I think this winter in Andalucia is actually like May-June in Finland. And I like that! Snow has never been my cup of tea.

But now, back to my real subject. Our MAD MORNING! Hallelujah!

I have been planning a new week schedule for me and kids, to get life organized and fun. They go to Finnish kids club couple days a week. And yesterday we went to check a Swedish version. Was really nice, kids got new friends and the atmosphere was funky! Also we find this club very important to keep up with the Swedish language. So, Tuesdays we are Benjamin Klubben at the Swedish Church..

One of the places we had not been to and wanted to go,  is Fuengirola Swimming Hall. I was thinking, if its ok, we will go once a week, have a swim day. And then in couple of months when summer starts, kids have not forgot what they learned last summer. But was not that easy..

Kids were ofcourse really excited, they love swimming and it has been since October they swam the last time.  So off we went, found it and also found out that in Fuengirola Swimhall, there is no such thing as "free swimming" for children!

WHAT? was my reaction.

But yes. This is true. Only adults for for free swimming. Kids are only allowed to go when they attend a swimming school. I think this is crazy. I had not even thought this would be possible. I had just checked the opening times from Internet but obviously missed " the little print"

So there I was, with 2 seriously disappointed kids.. thinking " Quick, think of something" .. and I remembered there is a huge Swimhall in the neighbour town, Benalmadena. I have never been inside there, but has been in our  - list to do - for quite sometime. Not for swimming though. For Ice-Skating. This sports center in Benalmadena is very big and has also an indoor ice-skating rink.

Club De Hielo Benalmadena

So I surfed on my phone to find some info if its open. I wanted to make sure before we take the train there.. called them up and found out this place is also closed on Wednesdays for kids free swimming. However, my poor spanish was enough to find out that Saturdays is ok, after 2pm on Saturdays we are welcome to go swimming with kids. Atleast something!
so on Saturday, we go there.

at this point, you can all imagine, kids already had started to give me the attitude:" mom you promised us we go swimming" and started to climb up to trees, crawl on the streets and other nice forms of " well behaving" .. and suddenly got hungry and thirsty and toilet needs and all of it.

I remembered there is a Danish Cafe and Bakery around the corner so I said, " you wanna go to Denmark" -"what"- " yeah, Denmark" - and they started laughing. So, we went to Denmark.

Kids found this really funny!  very cute cafe, all danish, and we had a look around their bakery and shop and wondered what all the funny products were and enjoyed lovely Smörrebröd ( that costs here apparently a fraction what it would cost in Scandinavia )


 saw some Danish Petanque at the park outside;

.. took a copy of a  Scandi Magazine; Solkysten

and found a little playpark;

so at this point I was thinking, wau, all is good and we ended up with a nice morning.. but oooh.. ofcourse not. After we took a bus back home, Ines decided that she wants swimming, she was promised swimming and she is not walking. Got a huge tantrum- just because- and I ended up carrying my sweet screaming angel for 300-400m up to the hill to home. And just to make things more perfect Oskar reminded me about 100 times " Daddy is so strong, Daddy would carry Ines easily"

now they are sleeping..
Im having a coffee and choco cookies and thinking;
its sometimes so lovely to be a parent!

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