Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Survival Symphony

It is amazing how kids recover fast and easily from big things. You would never believe Ines was just few nights ago in hospital and in anestesia. She is full of energy and action and it has been really hard to try to keep her in one place and in peace and not to hurt her head again.

We have been stuck home since we got home from hospital on Saturday. Today we had our first check-up appointment with doctors at the kids hospital in Malaga and I have been saying to her we are not going outside or anything before this Holy Wednesday.

Good news is that she is doing very well, all the stiches are just as they are supposed to be. No infections, no fever, no nothing. So they will take the stiches off next week. The bad news is that they will do it in 2 parts. First on Monday they take off some here in Fuengirola and then the rest at the hospital on Thursday. And this ofcourse means that she will have double the pain. I asked the doctor if they will give her some painkillers before and he said No, atleast we will try this way first. Argh. She has learned to hate that hospital and keeps saying to us she wants to keep them, the ironstiches, as her " head -jewellery" .

Other than that, she is one happy girl! I am very proud of her! I try to to explain to her also that even though they take the stiches off, we are not going to waterpark the same day, not to the beach or not to the amusement park. She wants it all! Lets just hope she will get back to normal  soon! It is tough for a little girl to live in a vacation paradise and not to be able to go to the beach.. But we have found other things to do, we have some old friends from Finland visiting their relatives here this week. So instead of us going to the town we invited the girls over to play in our house.. little bit of boardgames, Wii, drawing..  and then kids got to plant Basilica and Oregano with my friend. She is so great with young kids! she works as a School Assistant for Handicapped Children and therefore is just amazing with her patience! so now we have nicely planted herbs, all done by Ines and Oskar! yiuhuu!

And today after I got An Ok from the Doctor we stayed in Malaga for few hours. Malaga, Oih Malaga. I have always loved that little town and seems that the more time I spend there the more I like it. I just love the athmosphere, the architecture, the people, the history, the culture, the life.  Also, we are a bit of City People as well and we all enjoyed feeling and smelling the hassle of a bigger town for a change. Buses, cars, wide big streets, people all over, shops and cafes and trafic lights... The noise! We had a lovely afternoon and as I had promised, Ines got to eat in McDonalds! oh she was so happy!

We also visited Malagueta, the beach area of the center of Malaga. It was crazy weather today, very sticky and hot but still the waves were huge! had a nice relaxed moment at the beach and head back to the train.

We made a promise to eachothers that we are going back to Malaga very soon! So much we didnt see and do as we just walked around. If not before, then the latest on Easter time- you could see already now what a huge thing Easter is here. " Semana Santa" - Holy Week. They were buiduing already now all kinds of things around the city and souvenier shops were full of biblical stuff. I must find out what time the parades are and where.

Sometimes I just think the best therapy is to go out there, do something different and not stay home and feel miserable. Life goes on always! ....we even found a house we want to live in, - if Oskar and Ines  can put a swimming pool up to the roof :D

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