Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aprils Fools

First of all my dear friends, enlightment came to our house! we have succesfully changed Internet Provider! Yiuhaa! we have a line that works. Oh heaven!  

We chose Movistar / Telefonica the Spanish company which owns here everything. And with one click, the line is faster than ever. We have been oh so happy with kids, first time in weeks we can watch Finnish Tv and do everything we need and want on-line. Hellooo World! We love you! 
Finnish Tv channels we buy from Tv Kaista . Excellent service, they have all Finnish tv channels. It all comes as recordings, so you cannot watch anything live, but the best part is, all the recordings stays in the service for 4 weeks. So basically we can watch anything we like whenever we want. Kids like to see kidsstuff in their own language and me too.. now for instance I was just watching Finnish Idols singing competition. .. hahaa..

Anna Abreu

  - You can take the girl out of Finland, but you cant take Finland out of the girl - right? 

but back to my topic! Aprils Fools.. aah, I had already planned Im gonna put to facebook something like " OMG Im getting Married, who wants to come?" - since we are not married with Patrik and this has been a forever question  -   
" when is the wedding guys" ...

- but unfortunately something else happened, and Aprils Fools turned into a Aprils Horror. 

My super energic 3 yrs old daughter ran into a huge big dog and was bit a quite badly in her head. Horrible horrible weekend. We spent 24hrs in the hospital and she had to be fixed in full anestesia. We are so lucky and fortunate nothing really bad happened, her brain is ok and she will be fine in few weeks time. The doctors did amazing job by putting all her hair back in order so there is not a single bit in her head that will stay bold. 

Wow I say, and Thank You! 

It was a big chaos and another introduction to a life in Spain, first of all, I could not get through to Emergency Telephone numbers, I called first the Police and they gave me another number to call and that emergency line was just CRAP! They kept putting me on hold , again and again. I remember I was just repeating the address and telling what has happened and all I hear is " just one moment please" - what a hell?? After a minute I gave up and called my Spanish friend. Without her acting faster than light I do not know how long it would have been until we got help. I owe her big time for helping us! 
However, when the ambulance did arrive, service was great and fast and friendly. They even spoke english in the ambulance and took us really fast to a Childrens Hospital in Malaga. 

Hospital Materno Infantil Malaga- Excellent Hospital for children and mothers to be. Great fast help and superb staff. I did not feel one second  any of this " you foreigners" - They took the same minute my daughter in and gave her the best help there is available. After the operation we spent one night at the hospital and now we are going back this Wednesday for further treatment. She was bit pretty bad and this is going to take long time for all of us recover the trauma and health.

It is going to be tough to get through her fear of dogs as well. And to be honest, I have been bit by a Schäfer when I was around 10yrs old and because of that..I am not a really big fan of dogs myself either, so,  I do know I need to get past my issues as well in order to help her out. 
Spain is full of dogs, atleast this part where we live and we will see dogs, big and small, all the time on the streets. - Tough days ahead ..

Our daughter is just amazing, she has been the bravest little girl. It was much harder for me to be there and see the damage. She just smiled even though she was in pain.. Ok ofcourse she got painkillers and medicine, but I must say I am so proud of her how she has taken all this. 

She is full of life and energy, always interested in everything and always full on to new adventures. But in a normal healthy way, no adhd or anything like that. She wants to learn everything - now - and be able to do the same things as her 3yrs older brother. Even to the point that Im constantly thinking," oh why cant you just enjoy beeing 3yrs old and our baby, you will have time to learn all this later on.. "

This was not her first hospital visit here in Spain, she already succeeded breaking her collarbone few months ago, by playing in her brothers bed. They have bunk-beds and she has strict rules not to climb up there, but she did, and fell down to a marble floor. So, her first visit to hospital was because of that. 

We lived in Estepona when this happened and then they sent us to another hospital, Hospital Costa Del Sol, an older hospital in Marbella. Also a great hospital, but now after our 24hrs in this Childrens Hospital in Malaga, I could tell the difference. Materno Infantil was much more modern. And full of Disney :D really made for kids, walls were covered with  mickey and minnie and bambi and whatever. They had books and toys and colouring pens, they even gave her a bunny the minute we walked in. Food was great and tasty and all the staff friendly and professional. 12 points I must say! 

But not all bad, something good too! before all this happened; we had superhot days again and kids seriously took the FIRST dive of the summer in our own pool! This was something like 5-6pm in the afternoon, it was still so hot that they just went in screaming and laughing. Only 2 days later they admitted : "mom it was really cold water" :D 

And not only the pool, also our jacuzzi has been in hard use in the evenings / late afternoons; 

and Im pretty sure, in no time at all.. we will be back on beach - swimming and enjoying life again!

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