Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I was going through fotos and putting bits and pieces together.. what else have we been up to?

hmm.. arts and cratfs is our thingy! we like to make things ourselves.. .
this box we got all the way from Singapore!!
Mail days are the best days!!  thank you everyone for sending us post- We love to receive it!

and we turned it into a Wii -Box! great recycling- dont you think..

We really appreciate all the dvd's and cd's in Finnish as well as activity books! Wohoo! Thank You!

as well as all the Moomin Stuff! Moomins are great and we just love them!

The Painting we made couple weeks ago has dried out pretty nicely;

We have taken our first ever ride on a COOOL car with no roof! WOW! hih.. Oskar's dream is a car with no roof.. now he got a ride on a car like that! Was happy!

Barcelona won the Spanish Football League and Patrik was there on the streets to celebrate! What a party they had!! and.. Oskar finally got his official Fc Barcelona shirt- with David Villa - ofcourse! He has been wearing it now for 6 days in a row.. and I find it funny to see how this shirt gives us comments on the streets here. Loads of Real Madrid fans and even old men are smiling at him when we walk around... Go Barca! 28th of May is the Champions League Final at Wembley - Fc Barcelona vs Manchester United. Somehow I have a feeling this shirt will be on him on that day.

But before that! We are learning Spanish! kids grandmother send us this great package! lets start the lessons!
Muchas Gracias!

                                   So all is well and life is smiling... we should not complain!

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