Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loosers and winners and the ones inbetween

Eurovision Song Contest has been for years my absolutely favorite song contest. I just love that party. Happy people all over excited who will win and who will loose, and will someone get only zero points!

This year was especially funky for us since The Finnish Entry was called Paradise Oskar. Soooo.... ofcourse, -We-, me and my son, "Oskar in da beach paradise" , wanted to see him in the finals!! And also, was great experience for Oskar that we live here - we could actually vote for him!  And oooooh we were happy to see him go through to the Finals! 

Well Done Paradise Oskar ( Axel for his real name) very brave young man standing there all alone on the stage and sing a pretty song. Well Done! 

We decided with Oskar to invite some friends over to watch it with us and decorated the entire livingroom accordingly. Cool little educational session since we first studied from his map-book where all the countries are and wondered what it is like there. And at the end, we had all the 25 flags on the wall.. and "few" more for  Finland and Spain. yea, ok maybe we did get a bit crazy, but was great FUN!

Alltough, was not enough for our Spanish friend, she brought her won flag with her! hahaa.. 

We had a  lovely evening;  Eurovision strawberrycake, some snack and  eurovision pizza margarita. For Italy ofcourse! 30 yrs they kept away but luckily came back! great song they had! .. 

and got to taste The Best Potato Tortilla ever! There for sure  is a difference if its made by a finnish chica or by a spanish chica... 
This tortilla was just GREAT!

Thank you friends, was great fun!!  Finland did not win but we dont get mad :) Its the contest itself, the important part.  I like the winning song myself a lot, cool that they won! Well Done Azerbaijan!!

Oskars favorite at the end of the evening wasnt Paradise Oskar anymore ( hih traitor) .. he was stunned by the Swedish Erik.. Hehe. Boypower! He still talks about it, the performance and all of it. So Sverige got points from us too. Just like all the countries nowadays. Vote for your neighbours!- so, we did as well. We called for both, Finland and Sweden.
Sorry and Thank You

Eurovisions however was not the only excitement of last weekend! 



( was 16 yrs ago the last time we won.. great games, well done boys!! ) this was also  my first time ever in a bar watching sports event as important as this one. Heh. we got a babysitter and went to a Finnish Bar here in Fuengirola, we had never even been there before. But cool that we went, was amazing and loads of people. Loads!! I must say the best place to be! Some Swedes was there to watch it as well, great guys, no-one got angry or aggressive, just happy people even though they lost! Hurray! thats a good spirit! 

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