Wednesday, January 12, 2011

explore your hoods- Mijas Pueblo

Costa del Sol is many times considered as SUN and GOLF.
The main 2 things that brings here people and money.
Golf is huge, for some people; bigger than life..

Still.. it is much much more than just beach, sun and golf.. I want to show you some lovely places we have found here, I start with Mijas Pueblo.

Mijas itself is larger area right next to Fuengirola. There is 3 bigger centers Las Lagunas, La Cala on the beach and then Mijas Pueblo which is up in the mountain, 450-500m above the sea level, 7 kms from Fuengirola. The road from Fuengirola is quite ok, it is a mountain road, but not that bad. From our home we drive there in 15-20mins. Its a great drive since views are stunning.

Also your ears gets blocked on the way, kids find  this funny!

When you enter the village, there are huge parking areas. This is a -no car- village. You can take a ride around with a horse-carriage or ride a donkey! ( some donkeys have also small carriages.)
Donkeys all have numbers and they are " The Mijas Burro Taxi "

There are many many souvenier shops and lots of arts and crafts available. So in that sense, it is a bit of a tourist trap as well. But a lovely tourist trap. Small beautiful restaurants, you can find easily affortable ok food in a cozy athmosphere. A small chapel that is built inside a huge Rock next to small park with fishponds and amazing views all over Fuengirola valley and the sea.

Definately worth to visit!

Buses run in every half an hour from Fuengirola, easy access and no trouble with parking spaces.
Also note, that 7 kms is enough to make a climate change! It might be hot down here in the valley, but colder, windier and more rainy up in the Pueblo.

Time stops in Mijas Pueblo. 

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