Sunday, April 10, 2011

Castillo de Colomares

Sundays are familydays in this family. Especially now, when Patrik works in Barcelona we try to do something different with kiddies.. Today we took them to Castillo De Colomares. A cool place in Benalmadena Pueblo.
This castleworld was built between 1987 and 1994 by some guy called Esteban Martin, I do not know more about why he built it. But it is funky! All devoted to Cristofer Columbus and the discovery of America. Although, this morning when I talked about this with my son ( 6yrs) he said first thing, "oh yeah, that guy, but mom, he didnt find America, the Vikings did"..

There are different architecture styles, byzantine, roman, gothic.. And it also has the worlds smallest church inside. This church made it to the Guinness Book of Records. Also this place is very high up, so the views on a clear -sunny blue sky- day were stunning!

The name at the gates is CASTILLO MONUMENTO COLOMARES and they advertise : "XV Century Discovery- Arts- Culture- Unity. "We got this peace of paper at the entrance to explain the names of each "stop" - There was 16 of the them to see. Exterior, Fountains, Towers, Gates and ofcourse Columbus's ships on display. They had toilets but no cafeteria or any other refresments at all. Also no books or such about the place for sale. Maybe this will change though, tourist season is only starting. Today, we were the only people visiting this place.

The entrance fee for the area was 2e for adults and 1.30e for kids to go inside. I believe its open all year round.

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