Sunday, April 10, 2011

Neighbours just do it better- do they?

The more time we spend in Benalmadena the more we like it. Its funky and just seems to be much more than Fuengirola. We even once were joking that we moved to a wrong town. Fuengirola is cute and nice and ofcourse the place for us since kids have their action and friends here. But if I would have to choose for a vacation, short or long. I would probably go to Benalmadena.

From our home, it takes only 2 stops by local train, 8 mins in total. Kids like that town so much that even they dont mind the train trip. We go there quite often with them.

Once more we took our friends last week to our favorite park, Paloma Park. We just love that park!

Benalmadena is much bigger than Fuengirola. The center is 3 parts, Costa, Arroyo de la Miel and Benalmadena Pueblo.

Paloma Park is right in the center, between Arroyo and Costa -area. Normally we use the train, but now we took for a change the bus and walked around the paseo.

to the Castillo Pil-Pil, a cultural center at the beach.

Ines is really missing the beach.. we cant go there before she gets her stiches off ..poor thing

and today we went to hang around at the Pueblo ( Village ) . Wow! what a beautiful place! I had heard from my Spanish friend  many times to go there. She said I would love it, and I did! very calm, quite high up, beautiful scenary all over the valley. I felt like entire pueblo was hiding from the world. We went around the siesta time, so it was even more empty and quiet. Sunday Siesta- Nobody around. Very nice cuouple of hours. Peacefull and Relaxing, no tourists around and no people trying to sell you all the time something. This is the problem with Mijas Pueblo, you get eventually a bit annoyed with the buybuybuy attitude.
Benalmadena Pueblo was amazing. I really liked to walk round there.

we had seen behind the church this really funky looking bar-cafe-restaurant and after a walk under the hot sun,( it must have been minimun +30 today. ) we decided to walk back there. What a FUNKY place! we just loved it, cozy athmosphere, really nice staff.. must go to eat there someday!

Benalmadena is just great! I like it a lot. So much to see and to do, and we havent seen half of it yet !  This Pueblo is not more than 5kms away from us, hiding from the world. What a lovely relaxing village, really pretty place. Will for sure go back there.

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