Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Since I started this blog, I have found wonderful new worlds via other Blogs..
Its a huge world, there is hundreds of  great blogs available, life stories, pictures, happenings.. everything!! I wish I had more hours in one day to discover more of the world of blogs!

Hurray!  Hurray!  Hurray!  for all the bloggers of the world , for taking the time from other important chores and share your life and thoughts! Yeah!

I was invited to a "Confession Chain" by dear friend JENNI who just recently moved to Washington DC and started her own blog from there.

sooo.. Muchas Gracias, Guapa ;)

Instead of sharing confessions about me and my life.. things you will find out anyway ;) I decided to share things about Spain and Andalucia...

 The things - I do not so much like - about Spain.

In my blogtexts I usually tell how great it is and how much I love my life here.. but living abroad always brings other thoughts as well.. some things you think" damn, we had this much better  arranged in Finland" . Some things that annoys me or I just find "could be done better"..

So here are MY CONFESSIONS : 
Things I do not so much like about Spain.

1)  Everyone has dogs here. I mean everyone. Some people has many. And of course, dogs need to go outdoors, to play to run .. and to do their " needs" . And those needs are allover. Every street, every corner, every plaza and park. - except, thank you!, kids playparks.

in Finland all the dog people carried small plastic bags with them and took their dogs things with them. I do not think I would mind so much if I only used a car.. but I dont. We walk to kids club everyday with children. Its only few hundred meters, but its walk with constant " mind you step dear"

So I want  to go and buy loads of little plastic bags and make big signs to street lights :
" here are some bags for your dogs needs"...

2) Internet!
UUUH!  I come from The Nokia -country... where (usually) Internet connections work fast and like a clock. Here not... and its driving me sometimes crazy. It is slow and expensive, sometimes does not work at all. But what can I do? Pepe does the way Pepe does. So must learn to live with it.

3) Criminal Activities
Crime is here everywhere. There is a reason why this costa is also called Costa Del Crime. There are many houses everyday that is been broken into. Cars, Motorbikes, Wallets. Everything. Something is stolen in every second.

Drugs are everywhere and not only for adults.

You really need to pay attention who you become friends with and what you tell about yourself.

Also, what saddens me a lot, is the "kids kidnapping business". It is rather big here as well.

4) Education
Education has many levels here, there are tens of different schools to choose from. But the best ones cost money. A lot of money. In Scandinavia, the school system is excellent and its free. Here is another story. If you want the best for your kddies- you pay "the best price"  as well.

I will write more in another blogtext about the schools here, sometime soon ,since Im just checking them out since my son will start school after this summer .

5) and the last one.. well, its not the biggest thing in the planet.. but sometimes bugs me.
The Andalucian Time Concept.. - Im kinda used to the fact that 2 o'clock appointment is at 2 o'clock. Here it can be at 3 or 4 or 5. Or the next day. Or the next week.

Maybe in time I will learn to live with that too..
so guys, dont be mad when I start showing up " on funny" times..

All in all.. Life is full of choices. And at this point we chose this. Somethings are different in each country... and who says what is the best way? Something works here, something works elsewhere. We are all different and cultures are different. Equally important and with the same respect!

Lets be happy what we have and see the sun in the future and keep smiling..

                     by the way, one of the girls dancing in this video.. is Finnish!

To keep this chain alive.. I want to send it to North of Spain, to Catalonia..
to Elisabet who captures her life in her blog with just amazing fotos!

Hows life in the Barcelona Region, Elisabet?

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