Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh No- hell froze over.

It is real now...

I was told today that since last night there is a "second highest alert" ongoing in Malaga Province because of the extremely strong wind and cold weather.
Alerta Naranja.  

Even some snow has been predicted. 

well, still... Im pretty sure its along way to this..  Helsinki in January 2010

Naranja is Orange... made me think, the streets are full of orange- and lemontrees.
Will they start attacking people with the wind? how strong is your umbrella?

Just like my friends who lives here.. we all think of the poor turists and golfers that have booked their holidays this week..
I would myself not be very happy if was on vacation here right now with my golfbag.
But what can you do? mother nature does what she wants.

So here is my personal top5 survival guide..

How to manage Costa Del Sol on a bad weather: 


take a taxi to Myramar Shopping Center and wake up your inner shopper. Myramar is huge. You will easily spend many hours INDOORS just by walking from shop to shop and fitting clothes. Warm Clothes... and when you found your outfit, buy some shoes next.  Gloves, hats and a rain jacket. Clothes are cheap here. So with the same amount you would have spend for instance to a one round golf with a buggy. You will get new gear and a lovely shopping day. So no extra money spent:)
There is also plenty of restaurants to choose to enjoy a lovely lunch!

After shopping, you do not have to leave! stay there! go to movies.
In Myramar Cinema,they also show movies with original language not just dubbed in Spanish. But then again, be adventurous, go to see Spanish movie in Spanish. Later on, back home, you can google the movie and make a fun game about it. Did you understand anything? just a little? or did you get the plot completely wrong... nice way to learn some spanish too..

There is a free WI-FI connection in all the areas of the Shopping Center.
You will also find playareas for children here.

Incase you are really bummed out.. have few glasses of red wine. It will make life look nicer.

Parque Myramar


so, now you have your gear! you wont freeze out! next day; go to MALAGA.
Take RENFE. Renfe is a local train / metro that is very clean and nice and runs regularly between Malaga and Fuengirola. In Fuengirola we have 2 stations, Los Boliches and Fuengirola.
it will cost you only few euros and you are right in the heart of Malaga. Easy and Fast. The train ride takes about 30mins and you dont have to fight for parking spaces. Also can have few vinos on lunch and dinner as well..  Renfe is great!

You can find maps of Malaga in every newspaper stand or little shops or even some hotels sells them at the reception.  At the Malaga central station for sure, if you forgot to buy one earlier.

Malaga is GREAT!  

Take a Museum Tour! here is a listing of some Museums you will find in Malaga.
Nice day, lots of culture and you can be indoors..

The one you really must go see! PICASSO! Picasso was born in Malaga!

Picasso was in Helsinki too!

Picasso Exhibition Opening Party Helsinki 

                                    With some Flamenco, ofcourse

                                 Art makes the world a better place!

The Picasso Museum
Palacio de Buenavista, San Agustn, 8.
Phone 902 44 33 77
Opening hours: Tuesday -Thursday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Friday - Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm, Sundays and Holidays: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm (Closed Mondays).
The museum Picasso Mlaga is located in the old quarter of the city, next to the Cathedral of Malaga and Plaza de la Merced the birth place of Picasso. This museum was opened in 2003 in the restored Palacio de Buenavista a beautiful sixteenth-century palace. The museum holds permanent collection of works made by Picasso where a large part has been donated directly by the Picasso family. The price to enter the museum is 6Eur and it can be recommended to buy tickets in advance at
Aquarium of Malaga
C/ Manuel Agustin Heredia, 35.
Phone 952 21 97 61
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-14.30.
The Aquarium of Malaga has all kind of maritime recreations, with a variety of different sea species. It also has a part dedicated to the life at sea where you can find ships, models, and other fishermen tools.
Archaeological Museum
La Alcazaba
C/ Alcazabilla s/n
Phone 952 22 72 30
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 9.00-20.00.
The Archaeological Museum is located in the castle/ fortress La Alcazaba. It contains important archaeological findings from the Phoenician era to the Moorish epoch. Many of the findings were found under the restoration of La Alcazaba and include Roman sculptures and mosaics, Arab ceramics and other pre-historical findings.
Bullfighting Museum
Plaza de Toros "La Malagueta". Paseo de Reding
Phone 952 22 62 92
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10-13 and 17-20.
In this museum you can find different examples of bull fighting articles as well as information about the history of bull fighting in Malaga and the rest of Spain.
Cathedral Museum
C/ Molina Lario s/n
Phone 952 21 59 17
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-19.00, Saturdays 10.00-18.00.
This museum is located in the old part of the Cathedral and here you can find religious paintings, sculptures and manuscripts.
Diocesal Museum
Plaza del Obispo, 1.
Phone: 952222552
Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 10.00-13.30 and
The Dioxesal Museum is situated just next to the Cathedral and is dedicated exclusively to religious art, including important works of Nio de Guevara, Valds Leal and Pietro Vannuci.
The Museum of Contemporary Art
C/ Alemania, s/n.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 110.00-14.00 y 17.30-21.30 (Mondays closed).
In this museum you can find more than 400 different examples of mainly Spanish contemporary art from the 19th to 20th century.
Museum of Fine Arts
Palace de la Aduana C/ San Agustin, 6.
Phone 952 21 83 82
Opening hours: Tuesday 15.00-21.00, Wednesday-Saturday 9.00-20.00., Sundays 9.00-15.00,
The Museum of fine Arts is located in the old palace de la Aduana. In the lower plant you can find paintings, sculptures, furniture and ceramics from the Gothic, Renaissance, and the Baroque period (including works made by Ribera and Pedro Mena). The rest of the museum is dedicated to the Contemporary period primary with Malaguean paintings.
Museum of Popular Arts and Customs
Mesn de la Victoria Pasillo de Santa Isabel, 10.
Phone 952 21 71 37
Opening hours: Monday-Friday 10.00-13.30 and 16.00-19.00 (or 17.00-20.00 during the summer) Saturday 10.00-13.30.
The Museum of popular Arts and Customs is dedicated to show how the everyday life has changed from the beginning of the 17th century until today. In the Museum it's possible to find clothes from different periods, examples of how they used to cook or prepare wine, the use decorations etc.
Pablo Ruiz Picasso Public Foundation
Pl. de la Merced, 15.
Phone 952 06 02 15
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10.00-14.00 and 18.00-21.00.
The Pablo Ruiz Picasso Public Foundation is located in the house were the painter was born in 1895. The museum contains drawings and other works made by Picasso as well as videos, photos and other material about Picasso's life and work.

The Center of Malaga is not very big, you will not get lost! Little cute cozy streets where you can sit and  chill in little Tapas Bars and enjoy La Vida Espanola!

" These are little snacks of fish, meat, vegetables or mini salads, which you eat at the bar with a glass of beer, wine, sherry or softdrink. Tapas are usually eaten from 5 pm until 10 pm in the bars, but is often available the whole day. "

3) Seaworld Benalmadena! 

Sea -Life Benalmadena is a great indoor place as well!  It is open everyday from 10-18. Loads of funny fish and other little fellows that lives in deep waters. So, instead of scuba-diving, go there!

If you buy online your tickets there is a 5e discount in each ticket.

Also, there is a listing everyday on internet whats going on and what time are the feedings :

happenings in Sea- Life

Sea-Life is located at the PUERTO MARINA of Benalmadena. The easiest way to get there is to take the Renfe again to Arroyo De La Miel. Arroyo is the stop for Benalmadena. However, it is a bit further away from the Marina. So if you take the train, take a taxi from the station to the Marina. OR you can take a bus. Buses drive the coast road and it stops very close to the Marina.

The Puerto Marina of Benalmadena is a great place, do not just go to Sea-Life, stay there! lovely place full of shops and cafes and restaurants.. all covered or indoors!

Puerto Marina 2008


Go to see theatre shows!

The only English speaking Theatre here in Costa Del Sol is here in Fuengirola.

The Salon Variet├ęs Theatre

The house has been built 1925 and has been a home for a Theatre since 1956, when it was turned into a cinema, showing films in Spanish and once a week in English. Pretty pretty building!
This theatre opened doors as a Variete Theatre 1985. Nowadays it offers a wide selection of productions, Drama, Comedy, Farce, Cabarets.. you name it.

There is also a lovely little  restaurant  / bar at the Theatre.

here is a link for their shows:

OR if you do not wish this..
there are Theatres and Concerts constantly going on in Malaga!
Great great performances,  unforgottable experiences!
here you can see whats going and buy tickets online!

Get Me In!


5) Go Barhopping!

If you dont feel like staying in one place traveling to Malaga. Take your umbrella and go bar hopping! Only in Fuengirola, you will find lots of different athmospheres and evening fun!

You can play pool with friends in any of the many bars that has a pool table. You can go watch sports in one of the Sports bars, in some bars you can even rent Wii-game for you and your friends.

Linekar's BarFounded by members of the famous Linekar´s football family, the bar of the same name claims to be the biggest in Fuengirola and attracts a mixed crowd from families to the young at heart. Drinks are cheap, music is loud and the atmosphere is fantastic. Close to the port with DJ or live music (weekends). This popular and spacious bar seats 200 people and is a mecca for football fans with all sporting events shown live on 10 TV screens with commentary in English. A fun and casual atmosphere with comfortable and attractive interiors and terrace area

You find boardgames; chess, backgammon.. its all here.
You can find many places with Karaoke as well. Take the stand and sing yourself to the stars!

ZanadusEnjoying a great location just beneath Helicopteros Sanitarios in Los Boliches, Zanadus is a down to earth cabaret and karaoke bar with friendly service and reasonably priced drinks. Hosting live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and karaoke every night, this is a lively venue which attracts visitors from all over Fuengirola. A great place for families and popular with tourists


Excellent restaurant with live music and good food! Definately worth checking out!

                                    You see, its not so bad! 

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