Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Got Golf- Golf Got Me!

Hahaa... Im so excited!!!

This blogtext is especially for my Mother and Matti!
Our golfers who gave me a golfbag and few of their old clubs when we moved here.
My mother said: " everyone plays there, you need to learn too"
she has played for years.. and even had packed inside some PINK golfballs!
How Cool Is That!

Thank you MOM!

I had always thought its kinda boring and I will never have nerves for golfing.. I had only tried few times before today. Our friend took us to a nearby small golcourse and a practise range in Benalmadena. At Benalmadena Golf they have a small 9-hole course, all of them Par 3 and a nice practise range. Just perfect for a starter! And close enough since I had kids with me. We have only been playing Golf with Wii before with Oskar. Patrik has been playing some golf for years and have had his Golfbag for long time. So basically, all these months we have had 2 bags, un-used!

But now I must say, Golfbug Bite Me! Mom; you read this? hahaa. I had so much fun! Really liked it! We are so going back there soon! Oskar also liked a lot and I want to take him to play the 9 holes with us someday. I am very excited and want to go soon to learn more!! ( even though my arm is hurting at the moment, will see tomorrow how my muscles feel )

This is going to be great fun since we have friends here who like to play as well, And I must say, Steve was great today teaching us the basics and showing us what to do to..

                                                             Thank You! 

                         Now  I need to buy Golf Shoes asap.. what else do I need.. .. hmm..

                                                   I feel Im crazy: I like Golf! 

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