Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Working Wonder Women

I would love to be A Working Wonder Woman, 
especially today, on World Womens Day I came to think of all the single mom's in the world. 

I don't even have things bad, as many women have, but I still hear myself nagging at  kids and threatening to take some favorite toys away when they misbehave.. 

we all miss daddy, first days are the hardest.

Laundry is standing in one big pile, waiting for someone to sort them to the closets.. 
oh well, There is always tomorrow, right? 

Dinner has started to be one big chaos here .. I hope I hope I hope its "one of those" - a phase, ....kids just play and giggle and do everything else but eat. Takes forever to finnish their dinner.  
Sofar saldo is 2 broken milk glasses. And I brought these milk glasses all the way from FIN with me. sniff. Very good glasses for kids, usually lasts very well hard use... except Ines.. AINO by Iittala.

So now on, Ines will only have plastic pink princess on dinnertable- but I think she loves these more. She got them as a present from our dear friends who just visited us! ( Muchas Gracias Guapos)

Also kids have been really cute with sleeping arrangements.. 
Oskar gave me his favorite big teddybear "  Mommy you dont have to sleep alone" .. (un) fortunately there has been no need for that though, our little Princess keeps coming next to me as she has been doing for many weeks now. Every night around same time.. and if she doesnt, I wake up in the morning thinking " where is she, is she ok ..":D

Mornings have been a bit of a chaos too, me timing everything, to make sure to be in time at work. This is really wierd for us after months of easy mornings and late breakfast's.. But so far so good, everyone has had clean clothes on and we've managed to get out of the door in time! Yiuhaa! 

Rain has found us again, for couple weeks we were lucky since all the rainclouds kept away from here.. but looks like "monsoon" is back and Oskar got a new raincoat. 
Proud Spiderman!

..  We went to a street market on Sunday, 
Ines got a new poncho 

and I got a present too.. hihiii.. 
Pink Pinkier  The Pinkest!!
My new laptop bag! 

I just love it! cheap and probably will not last forever, but who cares.
When world is grey and rainy around you.. get some accessories to cheer up the day! 

And we all got some Churros! 

 Churros are traditional  pastry goodie here, you can find them nearly everywhere, usually guys dip them to plate of sugar, or you can dip them to ice-cream or cream or whatever you fancy. We also like them plain, just the way they are.

I have been enjoying quiet evenings and my candles and peace on earth. Got loads of magazines to read ( Thanks Friends! ), this great book of Arts and Architecture  in Andalucia, and  Im planning to finally open "mommy's box" and start painting again, been closed this treasure box for nearly 6months now.. lets see if I get anything done.

Im planning to do something like this.. lets see how it goes! 

So allt är bra, everything is fine in da paradise... 
Wonder Woman or Not. ..I still got some flowers today ( thanks mom ) 

                               HAPPY WOMENS DAY EVERYONE! 

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