Saturday, March 5, 2011

Moochers Jazz Cafe

Moochers! What a cool cool restaurant!!

we have been walking past it many times but now actually went in as well for a dinner..What a Cool place! Excellent service, great great food and athmosphere up in the roof.

Can highly recommend this restaurant to everyone!

The same minute we sat down, kids got entertainment..

Some Spanish guys walked in and performed some Flamenco

Thursday Dude on stage was quite ok too, old classics- and we danced!

                       MOOOOOOOOCHERS!  - HERE -   COOOOOL!

They have Irish & International Kitchen- but mainly Irish stuff,  kitchen is open till 1am.
Music starts around 8:30pm and goes on till midnight-1am. I asked them what time they close, waitress said " we close when the last customer leaves" ..

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