Friday, March 4, 2011

Reality Bites

we have had such great time the last weeks.. wow!
Lucky Us! 

We have enjoyed swimming in warm pool more than words can say.. 

This costa is paradise when sun is shining..
La vida es muy bonita!
Si Si Si!

I took these fotos from my friends hotel balcony, its funny to see Fuengirola in a different view, 
higher and in a different light.. 

We had so much fun with our friends..  We love you guys! 
Was GREAT to have you here!  kisses and hugs, we miss you already.

But vacation is over.. back to reality. I started working this week again! wow! 
I was home 3 months with kiddies and I must say, I enjoyed everyday because I knew all the time its temporarily.. who would not want to be with kids on a long vacation?
I am happy I got this opportunity.
But now its back to normal days..  Mommy works, Daddy works.. no more lazy mornings and long lunches. It feels funny to wake uop with alarm clock again and its MINE not Patrik's.. 

Also, these days are exciting for me as well. This is the first time I work for a Finnish company outside of Finland. I have always been working for english/ american / dutch - whatever comapany and in international athmosphere when have lived abroad.. My previous job in Marbella was also English company, and most of the work in English. But now.. hah, Im surrounded by Finland & Finns 5 days a week. Has been funny! wierd and funny..

Kids will start full time their clubs again and I will hire a babysitter for few extra hours I cant be with them. Patrik will fly to Barcelona on Sunday/ Monday  and come back Fridays. This will be our reality now ..  Gonna be interesting to see how it goes, but this is my own choice.. I like it here!! 
Small pretty Fuengirola, Sun and Beach...  We love it with kiddies!!
We've made great new friends and life seems just beautiful. 
Summer is coming and I want to see all of Andalucia. 

February was just amazing month, to have so many loved ones visiting us..
Probably The Biggest Month in our life in Spain by this far, cant wait to live on and enjoy life, 
..this year has only just started.

Best decision ever, to move here! You should all move here!

... but it has been hectic as well. 
we have been coming home later than normally..

I walked so much I broke my shoes..

it also feels nice to be back in reaility..

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