Monday, February 28, 2011

Beach Birthday

My son is 6 today.. Big Boy. Nearly in school..

In Finland school starts at 7yrs, here they start when they are 3yrs..  our neighbours are starting to ask me questions if Im "homeschooling"- Oskar is tall and big boy.. here all the kids Ines's age and size are already in School.. but not ours, yet ;) they talk about school every week; " when im in school then I will do this and that" - funny little things they think they can do when school starts..

I like to have them as "my babies "

but this is reality! growing up too fast both of them, this is was Saturday morning, they are posing with their new clothes.. ready to party!

28th Feb. My son is called Oskar and when he was born, it was the same night as the magical Oscar Gala in America. We had a tv in the delivery room in the hospital and were watching Oscar's Live with Patrik,.
The best movie of the year was " No Country for Old Men" by the Coen brothers and best actor was Daniel Day Lewis for the same movie. Best actress was Marion Cotillard for " La Vie en Rose"..  funny winners that year! I must save these movies to Oskar.

We had decided his name earlier and it has been funny joke ever since, that the only night mommy did not want to go to Hospital, mommy wanted to watch tv..I had cookies and crisps and candies - everything prepared for Oscar's not Oskar.

But here we go, dude is 6 yrs today! And very BEN 10. He got this Ben 10 outfit and gear as a present from our friends and was jumping all  Sunday morning as " Ben 10". Today he got to open more presents, and this morning has been pretty much " Pirate" Oskar..

Instead of a weekday we had a Beach Party for his Birthday on Saturday.
Weekends are better, Daddy can come too. Also we got really lucky, Saturday was the hottest day of this year so far! It was mad hot, I must say that as suddenly as it got to temperatures like 35 in direct sun, it was too much for the youngest as well.. Ines and her friends came to sit alot in shadows and we constantly asked them to drink water, Going to be interesting to see if and how we get used to this hot for months in a row. Ines burned a bit her back, so must start putting sun lotion to kids again.

Spiderman ice-cream cake was popular. Oskar liked it himself too, first cake ever what I didnt do myself.. heh. Sun is making me lazy.

Sun was shining all day and we all just relaxed at the beach doing what we wanted..

Boys played football

Took a swim in the ocean, and not just kids, Patrik was swimming too! - for me.. I still wait few weeks to get the water warmer. I think its super cold..heh

We saw this lady walking around the beach and selling massages..

We had a really really love day! Big Thank You for our friends for making this day very special for Oskar. We stayed at the beach all day, did not leave before sun went down..

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