Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Fun

Saturdays have changed into my New Best Friend Forever.  Everyone is home and this Sat especially was nice since we actually saw some sun after horrible rain and storm. It has been raining / windy / cold again for nearly 2 weeks now.. argh. Now it looks like change is here to stay, just few more days of crap and we should be back on summer again!

I also got 2 other new best friends..  A shopping bag! Grandma Bag! hahaa.. these are very common here, for young and old. Much easier to get your milk home from supermarket. 
Hahaa.. Red is Best! 

And my second best new friend is this butter .- Thank you Iceland! we are not getting so fat anymore ;)

Was really lovely day today, we saw our friends at the beach- same spot same gang -. I had already missed our new friends here. Was great to see them, not for many hours though, rain caught us again, but enough to hear whats going on and to have few good laughs! yeah!  

One family of these friends of ours lives right at the paseo by the beach and they have been telling us about garbage and medusas and whatever things there is on the beach in the mornings. Also I heard its really pretty to go by sunrise early in the morning. Lots of little fishing boats and calm athmosphere, fisherman off to work and rest of town still sleeping. Must go one morning to see myself! 

Milla had been walking there already earlier and knew there was some Medusas on the beach again. And not just medusas, the beach was one big dirty sandland! 
There was everything..  Beach full of Rubbish! All kind of crazy things and left overs from the sea..
Whose are they and whats the story.. shame the sea cant tell. 
Who ate this orange peel? whose shoes are these.. hows the dude doing without his helmut?

Instead of rubbish I find more interesting these Medusas, I was told they are "bluebottles", or is it "Portuguese Man O ' War" ? I dont know the correct name in english. However I checked from Wikipedia what they are and it said they should not even be here!! Only live in big oceans?  Highly poisonious.. they have this blue tail hanging, they fish food with that tail, and its the tail ;
 - do not touch-  Interesting little fellows and we saw many! I kept wondering how many days they live on dry land.. hmm.. must find more info! 

Weather was really crazy today.. little rain and no rain and bad clouds and no clouds..  while we were driving back home from the beach- rain stopped. So we decided to to check the Bull. THE BULL. There is a huge Bull on top of a hill between Fuengirola and Torreblanca. We had heard its amazing view from up there- and it was! Very windy, high up and no railings, Ines had fun running around- we not so much running after her. but was cool.

The beach was so dirty.. it was relaxing up there, rain had made everthing so green.. flowers smelling all over. 

we all  hope tomorrow will be as nice, crazy rain, please por  favor! 

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