Sunday, February 6, 2011

First BBQ of the summer

Summer has started! yeah! Weather has been just wonderful for last days and will continue all week next week. We just love this! We have  moved to our roof. Our livingroom in the sun. Listening to radio, just hanging and playing, having all our meals outside.Kids are getting tanned on faces and laundry dries out in couple hours. What more can anyone ask? We have met funky new friends and life seems all great. Going to be one super summer!

Yesterday we started out our BBQ season. What a great day we had again.
We have an old fashion Charcoal Grill we got as an surprise present .. Our Red little grill. I love it! Was great fun! and now I can smell other BBQ's... neighbours started grilling as well. Summer is Here!

                                   Kids happy, parents happy!

We are really happy we met this family at the beach. They have also just moved here and the father of the family is swedish speaking as mother tongue. ( like Patrik and our kids) Languages are here to stay!
This summer is ours!  Friends are the sugar of life. Hopefully, by the time August September hits, this roof will be all green with plants and flowers, herbs and peas growing. And we will be masters of barbeque.

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