Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I just love this "spring"... we will have many visitors coming to see us,
to enjoy The Sun and " La Vida Loca ". Oh Happy Us! We love guests!
Sometimes we think with Patrik that it was a "great move"  to move to Spain,. we have more people coming to see us than we ever had in Helsinki.
We think its cool and really look forward having all our friends here. The more the Merrier.

We cleaned "Da House"  aaaalll day yesterday with kids ( maybe forever for them )  and then we went to beach, ...well deserved Sun & Fun..

And today was the Grand start of the " guest season"
Ines's godmother arrived for few days, my dear darling friend from Finland.
Our family has missed her loads and we are very happy to have her hear.

She sent us messages this morning ( night) because her flight was - the early morning one-...It was " a serious hell weather" at the Helsinki airport this morning.. snowstorms, ice and all of it.. delayed delayed delayed..
But guess what; when you fly with " siberian captains" you always take off .. yeah, Finland Rocks on handling snow and airports!

CNN actually went to Finland and found out  about some  secrets of this brave snow nation
-this is what they discovered

CNN: Helsinki Snow Battle

Finns are cool,
.. but sorry,  we still prefer the Sun a bit more

Today was a lovely day again, we took auntie to street market  and  just enjoyed the sun and relaxed.

I could see it in kids that Finland came alive again, differently. I am always thinking and wondering  " how are  kids feeling the fact we are moving  countries." And today was a great day for my kids.. Just by realizing that Auntie was still "The Same Auntie" - as the one  they remembered. Great moment in kids expat -life. I like that. Its just km's and distances, but we people are the same.

We also got presents.. Scandinavian candy!! aaaaaaaah... if  there is something, that I have missed from Finland, its the candy.. scandi-candy is just the best!

this will last long time. I will start giving out 5 candies a day- 
I wish. It will be Finnish and finnished 
by tomorrow evening

We enjoyed a box of Strawberries we bought with 3 euros from the Streetmarket

Today was  actually a "double super day," kids also got  important post from my mother , a DVD they have been wanting to see..
 -Mary Poppins! and they loved it!

Tomorrow we are going to take auntie to the beach and just chill the day. Not the cold way, but the Andalucian Way! It is the first time she  is here.. and we are tying to make sure not the last time..

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