Sunday, February 6, 2011

Paloma Park

Paloma Park, Pigeon Park.
A beutiful huge park in the center of Benalmadena.
200 000m2 of green haven. Rather big lake with swans, ducks and a huge fountain. Smaller fountains and little water falls.

 There was also a cool cool Cactus Park inside this park with cactus trees from all over the world.

Little animals, peacocks, ducks, chicken, roosters, bunnies running around freely. Roosters we saw a lot and they are all domesticated and loves the be fed by kids.

There are also Goats and Emu's, but behind fences.

Kids really enjoyed this park!
Next time must remember to take some bread with us to feed the animals.

This Botanical Garden is definitely one of the best parks I have seen.

And whats the best part, this park is run by the city of Benalmadena. It is a free of charge park. You can also find there proper toilets with toilet paper! Couple Cafeterias and a funky playarea for kids.

                                  Paloma Park we like you!

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