Thursday, February 3, 2011

News for fun

oih, my yesterday blog posting about Women in Spain got a lot of attention, I got emails and feedback.. thank you for that!! It is a great feeling someone is reading these..not just me my sister my mom and Patrik, (because I make them read it.)

Unfortunately, all my facts were not right.. I must correct this one, because I was wrong, -I was told today that Marisol, that childstar I told you about and linked a youtube -video, well. She was a real blonde little girl! and not a  brunette as I said - her name is Pepa Flores and she lives here in Malaga.
Here you can find more info about this super superstar! She is 62 ýrs old now. She has played many roles in many movies and tv and is considered a big big star here in Spain!


But now... back to happier thoughts!

I grabbed few Finnish newspapers today from the supermarket. There are so many other nationalities here that there is also many many newspapers from different cultures and languages. The biggest and most popular must be Sur In English - atleast I think so, I think it covers the most. We usually read that every week, but sometimes its funny to see what the Finns are writing about too..

Sur In English

All these newspapers here are "free of charge" copies to readers. Finns are so organized that we have actually 3 newspapers and 1 monthly magazine ( atleast what  I am aware of). I took kiddies to the beach and while were waiting for our friends to show up, I  had some time to check them out.. funny articles some of them!! Of course there was the main news and loads of stuff about Finns here, but these as well..

It is on black and white now; Internet ADSL connection is 21% more expensive here than in any other European Union countries..This has been studied and found to be true all the way in Brussels in some Communications Comission :D  they have been comparing providers and prices and incomes in all the Union countries. ( I knew it I knew it I knew it :))
-o lucky us! its not only sloooooooow- the most expensive as well.

There has been "new marketing strategy" in a clothing shop in Madrid. All "after Xmas Sales" started here the day after the 3 kings and were huge. One clothing shop in Madrid changed tactics to get more customers. They advertised that the first 100 people who shows up shopping in their underwear will get free clothes... they opened at 9am and there was already at 8am 350people outside waiting.. only wearing their underwear.  - I wonder what happened to these 250 that were left without free clothes, did they shop some or did they go home like that? hmm..

Last December, at the Nobel Prize Gala Dinner that was held at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, they only served Spanish Rioja- wine. This was the 5th time in a row Rioja was the only wine on the table. It also says here in the newspaper that Sweden is a huge market in general for Rioja. In 2009 only, they bought 3.5 million litres of Rioja. Is this Gala-dinner included in that fiigure? I dont know, the story does not tell. There is 1350 guests each year at the Nobel Gala Dinner..  - quite a few bottles.
Or what you think?

                                   RIOJA Wine- Click Click Click-

My favorite Swedish Royalty.. Princess Madeleine.. so beautiful..

Scientists have discovered at the Navarra University here in Spain,  that if you laugh a lot, your life will be 4.5yrs longer than for those who dont have any humor in their lives or are just plain boring. This has been researched by Biochemists and Molecule Biology. If you laugh 15mins a day, your life will be longer. Also, they discovered that we should handle life with humor and learn to laugh at setbacks in life..They think very loud laughter is much better than small little giggle...

There are 2 Spanish girls that started a Revolution on Sports Clothing.. Sexier Football Fan Clothes, Por Favor! the older one, Claudia  is 16yrs and the younger one Cintia only 13yrs now. They started this business years ago, at the age of 8 and 12. Simply because they got bored with "macho outfits" - Nowadays the entire family has moved to Asia, they live now in Bangkok, after couple years in Bali- to speed up the business-. These girls sell their clothes in Internet and their parents are 100% behind this. They have "artist names" Lunna and Arianna. They sell Football Fan Clothes for every country and all the biggest teams. Girls only, dresses and other funky stuff.   - Way to go girls!

                                 Women Sport Revolution

we had a beautiful day again here in Andalucia,.. dont know who is more crazy me or my kids.. but they love birds. Atleast when we find some.. Im not so sure if the birds love my kiddies..

Funny little kids, they just love to chase birds. They think its superfun to watch them fly like this.. every time they see birds they start running after them...

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