Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casco Antiguo - Marbella Old Town

Old town in Marbella is one of my favorite places here in Costa Del Sol.

Pretty,  narrow little streets, flowers and plants, shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, live music.
A fantastic place with lot of history. Located in the center of the town ,only few hundred meters from the beach and paseo.

This part of town is really old, was build to be the city of Marbella. There was walls around it like in a "castletown" in the arab world. Some of this wall is still left and is called Alcazaba Wall.

In the middle of the old town there is a square that is called " Orange Square". This square was aimed to be the livingroom for the people,happenings and action. And also was supposed to become the administration center of the town. The Town Hall that was build for this purpose is still there, and is still the Town Hall-. It has been there since 1568
More history of the old town HERE

Today the main square is beautiful haven of restaurants, sun and entertainers. Lovely place.

There is also one bigger church and couple smaller chapels inside the area.

I really love this old town and could easily imagine myself living there someday

but thats not all.. ANA MARIA has her Flamenco Tablao in the old town. Tablao means "flamenco show bar" but its not just a show, its a flamenco livingroom. Everyone can dance who feels like it. Doors are open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from midnight untill 5am.

I Like You Casco Antiguo! 

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