Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sevilla in 26 hours - 2 around and about

Sevilla is hot. Its hot hotter than hot.
Like a sauna, everyone told me to go there before July and August.. Its crazy hot during those months
it was already hot now..

water water water.. everyone carrying waterbottles and staying in shadows.. I saw some local mommies had folio wrapped around kids water bottles, does it keep it cooler? I dont know.. I must try someday.
For instance I checked today the forecast, here in Costa it says +28 in Sevilla was +34,
next week even more..
There is no wind coming nowhere and the air just stays still..
Water was sold in everycorner.. and it was expensive in comparison to here.. ( small 30-40cl cost 1.50e )

Some bars had steam blowers to cool down the customers.. looked funny!

 after going around the old town area I took a walk around the river Guadalquivir, just to see whats there..
I found Sightseeing boats, watersports and this lovely area where people were having piknik, taking sun, enjoying friends, having a laugh.. just relaxing on a Saturday afternoon.

and ofcourse I had to go see Torre Del Oro. The Tower of Gold. Old military watchtower that is hundreds of years old. Today this tower is a naval museum   ( Torre del Oro )

I also found the Town Hall and a shopping street and all kinds of funky houses, churches and people.
I really enjoyed my walk around the city.
I was a bit lost couple of times, but Sevilla is not too big and streets have all signs.

but as in Spain in general.. the recession was to be seen in Sevilla too..

I will also remember Sevilla as Yellow.. as many streets were yellow because of this tree. I dont even know what tree it is that makes this yellow flowers and speads it all over.. was pretty, very pretty!

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