Friday, June 10, 2011

Sevilla in 26 hours - 1 Barrio Santa Cruz

Sevilla Sevilla Sevilla...

aaah I have been waiting to get chance to go there, 
life is busy and you always have something but I finally got to go  there.

Sevilla is the capital of Andalucia and is important since the Parliament of Andalucia is there. 
( Spain is divided into several autonomous regions and Andalucia is one of them ) 
Sevilla is also the capital of Flamenco..
and Sevilla is  the capital of Semana Santa actions here in Andalucia ( I think in entire Spain ), 
Sevilla is also the capital of history..   the home place of Cristopher Columbus and world trade around the 15th Century..

Is Sevilla  like everything? 
- well it kinda  seemed so, atleast and at one point it was...

I have never ever felt in any other city I have visited than Sevilla;  that  in such compact little area you have so much; I dont know..  Super Grand Places to see and visit, old town, the river with its old glory, the center, the town hall, the action, the people.. the everything-  and you can walk from one place to another.. there is metro and tram and buses, but you can walk. You will not kill your feet by walking.. 
No taxis needed. One great place to see to follow another.. 
 I was blown away by Sevilla.
Only less 700 000 lives there.. ( plus turisits ofcourse, go there now..) 

Sevilla. Gran Sevilla. Amazing Sevilla.  

"The old Town"  = Santa Cruz is old jewish quarter.. little pretty streets, cafes, shops, homes, artists ateljes, restaurants, bars, shops, more cafes and more flowers and more pretty ...... I could go on and on and on. 
What make the history to say its old Jewish Quarter.. 
read here - Santa_Cruz_(Sevilla) -sorry spanish

the translation from Spanish to English to describe Barrio Santa Cruz is something like this:

In the heart of the city you will find white houses filled with flowers, historical mansions and old palaces where families still live. Flowers are growing all over the buildings, balconies, windows and roofs. Flamenco sounds and claps can be heard everywhere, passages and dark, lighted  alleys, narrow streets and fountains on plazas with more clapping sounds of Flamenco.  Decorations, statues, flower filled patios, hidden gardens, music, silence. dancing and crying;  open balconies, hiddenbalconies. Secret rooftops with plants and life - legends & sorrows, passion,& love, memories. 
The present and the future  of Flamenco can be touched and felt with the twist of charm of sunshine and sunset. 
The beauty of life is Santa Cruz.. .

Who would not want to visit this place? who would not want to live there? .
... I do. Yes Please. I take it as it is.. no sugar or milk. Muchas Gracias. 

This is my Barrio Santa Cruz..

The Cathedral you have been seeing in all over.. well they  aimed it to be bigger than life..
and succeeded... there is noway any camera can ever capture this Cathedral.. it is huge.
They win..

Catedral de Santa María de la Sede

we will be...., we will be...., more than ever people.. .. will we ? 

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