Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the Balcony of Europe

Balcon de Europe.

is also in Nerja and another must to see..
used to a be a fortress ( 9th century ) on a cliff, now its turned into a nice plaza and literally a balcony over the sea and beautiful landscapes. Stunning views over the coast. People say the name comes from King Alfonso XII who once stood there and said
" This is the balcony of Europe"

Nice place.
And they were right.. the views were amazing..

At the end of balcony they had a nice panoramic restaurant.. King Alfonso- ofcourse ;)
Food was not the best but ok and we enjoyed watching birds fly by.

was lovely place. Balcon de Europe.

The thing I will miss the day I move out of here, is not any sightseeing though, its Ice Cream. Home made Ice-Cream. I have no idea how handhomemade it is, probably comes in bulks from some crazy factory.
But.. just dont care. Its damn good a bloody hot day!

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