Sunday, June 26, 2011

Boys Stuff... and Girls Stuff

Our boys like to play Tennis each weekend, its their thingy. Oskar loves Tennis and is quite funny when he keeps saying " when Im an adult I will be better than Nadal" - so... lets wait for that :)
Sometimes they let mommy to participate, I like to play as well.. but Ines is boooored, oh so bored!
This is how much she likes to watch Tennis.. she is annoyed she cant yet and keeps saying we must find her a Hello Kitty Tennisracket.

so, instead of Tennis.. we do GirlStuff. ..Like a flowerwalk..
walk around the hoods and search for flowers ..
Ines loves Flowers.

This one is our favorite, its here all over and in many colors. We call it The Espana Flower.

This time of the year its getting rather dry here, contrast is huge, its all dead at some parts and then around the corner colours and pretty flowers again.

There is one place we always stop on our walks.. Its a place we discovered when we moved here. Someone who lives here, we have never seen who it is, keeps feeding wild cats around here. We think its a lovely thing to do. Kids always wanna stop and see how much food is left. It has been only once or twice there has been no food at all, and now during last couple months, there is water as well.

This time we took a small street we had not walked through before and found this small field of Lavendels,
was lovely smell all over.

and found this funny looking Dutch Supermarket

and when boys finished their game we all took a walk around the beach paseo.
On Sundays its mad, so busy..
this was still at 7:30pm and looked like no-one was ever leaving .

Spaniards like to compete and play and bet about many things..
-but I guess this guy leaves no room for others

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