Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rainy Tuesday

Yesterday we had a full house.. Kids friends came over and we had a Valentines Pancake Party!
Was great fun- quite loud though ;)

Ines got her first ever Valentines Card from her girlfriend

And I got flowers, picked by a 7 years old boy

Today we woke up with the miserable reality; rain rain rain..

These rainydays are a bit boring..
I cant understand why no-one has opened a kids indoor playpark here in Fuengirola. We talk about it a lot with my friends.. and plan to open one ourselves, there is definately a huge need and market for it. In Estepona where we lived, we had 2 close to us. Run by English Expats. Galaxia was our favorite, kids loved it.

Also, during these rainydays; it is a nightmare to try to dry out laundry.

Instead of watching Tv allday,. we decided to teach Ines how to play UNO..

but she is still a bit too young to get the point -  little princess...

so we started drawing instead:

and Oskar had great fun trying to scare mommy- and he did!

Then we played this cute game where you match cards together by different themes: what is big, what belongs to garden, what is small, instruments, colors ..-many things. I find this great game for Ines! Also, I like the drawings in these cards..

Boardgames and puzzles makes the rainy andalucian day fun and ok

Now Pince and Princess are sleeping, Ive done my blogging ..
its time to chill and  see if I ever get my book finished.

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