Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dinner is Served

Blogworld is just great.. everything is here!
I especially love the food recipes bloggers put on their blogs, some more some less. I think there should be a joint " bloggers cookbook", sold for charity or something? what u think?

I have not done meatloaf for ages.. but VERA made so delicious looking  meatloaf in her blog that I got excited too. I have also found a great  "food and cooking "-blog, excellent recipes from a Finnish woman in Italy. HERE ( is in finnish and italian- no english, sorry )

What makes funny of this meatloaf cooking is that Oskar had seen in Stuart Little how his mommy made 12 meatloafs and someone stole them all. So he has been saying for days " mom, can you make meatloaf ?" - and then just the same time Vera put her meatloaf recipe on her blog. Funny coincidence.

We did not have all the same ingredients as Vera, so I improvised with what we had in our fridge. It was a crazy rainy day- so did really not feel like going to supermarket.

I used little bit of Onion Soup mix to give taste. Then parmesan, breadmilk and an egg. I had never done meatloaf with milk and bread, so this was new for us.. It looked a bit suspicious.. but we think that it was great, the previous meatloafs have been much more dry than this one.

I mixed together onion soup ( with just a little bit water) , breadmilk, egg and parmesan. And added some salt, pepper and dried basil.

I put Serrano Ham as filling and more parmesan. I would have liked more Serrano...my family thought this was enough and ok.So, I dont know:)

I made a roll and put it into oven with veggies 180c for about an hour.

at this point I was laughing.. omg. I hope it turns out good - that was our dinner!  I peeled and boiled some potatoes. I usually boil few extra, kids like them fried the next day.

then I cheated on the sauce, as I always do - I use these ready made mixes.. hehee.. Knorr keeps this family in sauces.. we can buy them from the Scandi supermarket in Fuengirola. I just dont know how to make  a good sauce.. This cep-sauce is our favorite.

But I do add some onions and mushrooms.. and cream and butter

I love Knorr. Simple and easy. In 5-10mins you have a sauce! ( and is definately more eatable than the ones I try to make from scratch)

                                   Thats it. Dinner is served!

this meatloaf was great  success in this family! I will definately make it more often.  I am not very good  great super cook but this was perfect for a rainy Tuesday evening.

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