Monday, February 21, 2011

20.02.- Sea, Sand & Sun.

Great days are here again..

We had lovely Sunday breakfast outside at our balcony yesterday, first breakfast outside this year!

We seriously started out swimming season yesterday! It got so hot that kids were jumping on water for hours  before it got cold... Oh what a joy! A lot of fun! Yesterday was the first Sunday for months that beach was starting to get busier, it was not only our kiddies, others were swimming too..

we left in such a hurry that forgot Ines's swimming suit at home.. but made no difference.. she had fun anyway!

My mother sent a message this morning; saying it had been on the news in FIN this morning that Spain is at the moment the most warmest country around The Mediterranean Sea- Lucky us!

I find this photo so funny, is Ines dancing ballet or is she doing a Royal Bow?

This is going to be A GREAT week! we have friends coming here for a vacation. Dear dear friends again and kiddies are really excited. Only 1 more night!

And then, Oskar is having his BIG 6! birthday this week... We have not decided yet, big playpark or the beach? Anyway; going to be a great party with lots of friends! yeah!

 We like this week already!

20.02. A day to remember, the first Ocean Swim of the year;

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