Monday, January 17, 2011

Whats in your fridge?

In Spain everyone likes to eat. Food is important and its always fresh and good.  And naturally, with eating comes always grocery shopping. In Fuengirola, grocery-shopping is FUN. You can find  almost everything here. I mean everything. And you can choose where to buy it, who to talk to and who to trust.

The latest trend in Finland was that everything is big and all the small shops are gone. Here is a whole different story. Little shops are alive and kicking full of personality and customer service. And I like that!

A lot of people buys their meat from their own  butcher, bread and pastry from the baker's, fruits from the corner shop and by  doing this -  all the business also stays alive!

I have noticed this is a bakery country! pastries are all over and fresh bread is important.

If you do not like pastry, you can always choose hand made chocolate or marmalade:

Streets are full of cute little shops, that are not just shops. People goes there to chit chat and talk about life, politics, weather, kids.. everything.  Little shops are well kept and everything is fresh!  I like that! You can find these little corner shops with fresh fruit and some necessity items in each block.

Of course there are also huge supermarkets, and there is many.
We have Euroski, Euromarket, Carrefour, Hypercor,.. etc.. big markets where you go and fill your car with weeks stuff. These supermarkets are huge. You can find there everything, from electronics to clothes and toys and food and furniture. Everything.  Business is big and blooming. These hypermarkets are busy every single day. Lidl is also here,  in every town, and very busy.

Still, its the little shops that makes the city feel alive. You can find here many cultures present.. all together in peace..  Scandis are big here, but you can find others as well.. Most of the foreign ones are cafes and shops together.

there are also few shops in their own league,why not try Olive Oil from here: 

or horse-meat from here? this is a restaurant and a shop that only sells horse products

In Fuengirola we also have 2 farmers markets: 

or then just take it the easy way and shop in one of the city-supermarkets.. where you can get everything at once. food and wine. There is many to choose as well.. 
Supersol, Mercadona, Cayetano, Opencor, Aldi, Supercor.. just a few to mention.. 

one of the city supermarkets is always open, and that is always.

Then we also have a supermarket called Iceland. In Iceland there is no snow or darkness, there is only English products and its huge here. Very popular! Rather big and loads of frozen items. What you dont find in Iceland- you don't need. Its also dead cheap. Here are some of my favorite products from Iceland: 

Supermarkets and Hypermarkets are usually open Monday to Saturday, from around 10am until 10pm. Sundays you will only find open some private supermarkets, cornershops and OpenCor . 

Groceryshopping is always nice to end with some flowers to cheerp up the day 

Besides the fact that there is loads of different shops to choose, food is  much cheaper here than what I got used to in Northern Europe. This mountain we bought a while ago for less than 80 Euros...

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