Friday, January 14, 2011

explore your hoods- San Pedro

San Pedro de Alcantara, or San Pedro as everyone calls it,  is another cool place we have found here.

The village itself belongs to City of Marbella, but its quite fully functioning own little town with around 30 000 people. A real piece of  Spain in Costa Del  Sol. In San Pedro you do not find many hotels or tourist buses. Just locals and expats that have decided to live here in quiet and peace. .. but not too far from action.
Puerto Banus, the luxury part of Marbella is only 2-3 kms away ( walking distance easily ) and the center of Marbella is less than 10kms away.

In San Pedro you can feel the Andalucian life. Siesta is Siesta and people are hot. A little jewel that is many times forgotten because big roads pass it. It is almost excatly in the middle between Malaga and Gibraltar. But if you only have time, have a lunch in this lovely little town. It is full of cafes and bars and easy going way of life.

I was also told, by a lovely English lady that has lived in San Pedro for 2 decades that there are Roman Bath- ruins hiding along the beach. Unfortunaly we had no time to visit this time.. but there are many weeks to come and for sure we will go back to San Pedro as well.

The village is devided in 2 parts, San Pedro and Nueva Alcantara. San Pedro is few hundred meters up from the sea and Nueva Alcantara is right at the sea. You find a huge Paseo at the beach with many little Chiringuitos ( beach restaurant ) in a cozy athmosphere. Paseo is very well maintained and loads of people gathers up on Sundays to walk a dog, to play, to jog, to just walk around and enjoy the sun.

The most famous beach bar is BoraBora, which is open only on the summer time and has groovy party nights every night -  it has been said and told that Bruce Willis and Lady Diana have both had their lunch here...

Along  San Pedro beach you can walk all they way to Marbella, very nice beach walk with loads of beautiful Villas and gorgeaus views over the costa. First comes Puerto Banus with a amazing Puerto Marina and yachts that are worth millions.. and then the journey continues towards Marbella with small bars and cafes and little beaches. Something worth doing on a sunny day,

Also, Andalucian Feria-season stops in San Pedro. And it shows,  last feria is held here middle of October and it is great. ( I will write about Ferias later on since it is definately worth of own story )

Usually during Feria the bulls from bullfighting are donated to charity.
But not in San Pedro.
They burn all the bulls on a huge bonfire to throw away the bad spirits.

Also, you can see loads of women, kids, young and older, wearing the traditional Flamenco dress on the streets. And they look Stunning! all of them! Every night is a huge party!
A real Spanish party, with loads of BBQs outside of bars, Mojitos are sold in every corner and the entire village is full of live music. We were lucky enough to visit San Pedro during the Feria Festivals and went out at night time. One of the best nights Ive ever been to!

First we were a bit shy, thinking we are the almost the only foreigners here, will people get annoyed..-but just the opposite. We got the most warmest welcome to bars and parties ever. Some ladies was teaching me Flamenco moves and it was all just GREAT!
Spaniards are gold at heart.

This video is what we filmed from a bar in San Pedro during the Feria;

and this is some feelings and images of San Pedro and Nueva Alcantara;

San Pedro is definately worth to visit if you are longing a break from the tourists and us Expats..
Just remember to smile and use the phrase " por favor"  :)

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