Friday, May 27, 2011

Peace and Barbeque

"Gilfriend, take a trip out of your comfort zone.." -was my thinking this morning.. take the turn you usually dont and go see it. And we did.. two times heavenly peace found in one day! wow!

Fuengirola is getting busier and busier each day now and I had heard from a friend that at the end of Paseo ( ourway the wrong end, ofcourse ) under the castle, there is a nice beach with barbeque places one can reserve free of charge from the Town Hall.. or just go there, some people do go and reserve and show up with a piece of paper, but somepeople just goes there. Still, no fighting, just happy people enjoying life..

what a beach! WOW! where we used to live in Estepona, beaches in our area were quite empty and peacefull and no stress, here its getting more and more chaos and african man selling this and that in every 2minutes.. this beach was such a finding that Im not sure Im want to blog about it.. so sshhhhhhh everyone ;) lets keep it that way, lets not tell anyone.. it was so calm and quiet beach that I could not believe we are in Fuengirola..

and we did find the barbeque-boats.. cool place!! some guys were just setting up their afternoon BBQ party and I went to chat with them.. Dutch guy, funny enough. He said he had reserved his place about 2 weeks ago and that if we want weekends, they are getting really busy and should be booked.. however he still continued and said that he has lived here for 11 yrs and there has never been any arguments over who has reserved and who has not.. Each boat has 2 bbq places in both end and there is always space somewhere. Great party, he said, each summer evening since lots of people bring music with them and not just food.
Must go and reserve and have a BBQ at the beach some evening in July when my friends are coming here ..

lovely lovely beach .. can be found just after the castle, Castillo de Sohail, facing the Roman Gardens, only a bridge to cross over and the turist hell is gone.. unbelievable but true!

Lo que es una maravillosa playa! me gusta mucho!

also another lovely thing .. a little tiny little bird has nested on the top of my bedroom window..
cutie.. she is gone all days but comes to sleep here..
I dont know what to do.. some friends are saying should get rid of her since will be trouble, and some friends are telling me how cute it is to follow when the babybirds at some point are learning to fly.. Patrik is saying our landlord probably does not like this pet.. oooh  I dont know what to do.. Ive never had a bird on my window before..

So for the timebeing, Im letting her stay!

Our pool is also getting busier each day! YEAH summer is here! its not only us northern people swimming.. just love the sound of people in the evenings.. some swimming silently, some chatting on balconies, some cooking outside, some playing soft music.. summer is definately starting since life is moving outdoors!

hmmm.... but I did say in the begining we found 2 heavens today.. one was this beach and bbq place, the other one is so beautiful that Im gonna make another blogtext about it.
A real jewel hiding in the bushes.

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