Monday, April 25, 2011

Homemade Holidays

Last couple weeks have been just great here.. My friend from Holland was visiting us and enjoying the sun. Her own kids are already big school kids, so I bet it was funny for her to stay with us and our little kids full of action, energy and life.. We had a great great week, will miss you!

And then also, my dear old friend and Oskars godmother came for a 24hr suprise visit on her work trip! Great Great Suprise! Happy US!

We've been swimming,, taking it easy and just enjoying life. Easter time came fast after all the action and silly me realized  I have no easter decorations anywhere to be found. None. I must have forgot them all in Finland when we moved.. we did not have much, but some bunnies for sure! Kids started asking " MOM dont we have any bunnies? No Bunnies, No easter? " -. not to worry. We made new ones! 2 days of fun and we had bunnies on the walls. A bit funkier and more colorful than usually, but we got bunnies. Also in Finland we have this tradition to grow " easter grass" and ofcourse, I had forgotten to ask my friends or grandma to send us the seeds. So no eastergrass growing. But since we are in Spain, we made Spanish Grass. Green but dry. Next year must organize better.... but then again. This was all great. This was our Spanish easter, it does not always have to be the same, right?

Also all this religious business around us has made this easterholiday completely different. I am very proud of my kids how they have shown interest in everything they see and hear. We even watched a little bit Via Crucis Live from Rome with Oskar. Explained him about the Pope and Catholic Church in general. It will be completely different with him now to go visit big Cathedrals here. We also explained him about Colosseum and some brief history. It feels great for us parents to be able to show and explain things when its here so alive and concrete. History is all over to be discovered. Great opportunity to learn and teach. We have always been interested in History with Patrik so for us its obvious we want to pass that on to our kids.

Another funny part was, we could not find any chocoeggs! ( ok we did not run around the town for hours to search them either - Im sure there would have been somewhere, so many brits living here) So this easter was no chocoeggs hunting, but it went just fine. Kids were not even disappointed, just said " oh ok, maybe they dont have those here in Spain " and we ate homemade pancakes, whipped cream and strawberries at the beach instead.

The best part of this Easter was however, the start of our Tennis -season. My son loves to play tennis, he took a 1week tenniscourse in Fin before we moved here and fell in love with the game. We had tennis-court in our appartment complex in Estepona and played nearly everyday. Now we dont have one here in Fuengirola, he had really missed it, we could tell! Must start taking him to play couple times a week.
He is great in Tennis! Had not forgot it at all. Was one extremely happy boy saying " mom take pictures and send them to Fin everyone we know- Im gonna be better than Nadal" - what a sweet boy!

We had so much fun at the Tennis Court that we decided to make a new Easter Tradition, Wii-Family-Tournament. And we had a blast!  So, from now on. Its Wii on Easter! We played many different games and calculated points.. Ines allthough is still a bit too young to play yet, so she was coloring Princesses. We ate candies and cookies and had a lovely lovely day!

Family days are just the best when there is no rush to anywhere and no need to do anything else than relax! But must say that Im getting old, all this sporting and using strange muscles after winter- my arms are hurting like just a bit too much ... definately need more practise!

Next week we have another party here in Fuengirola. International Feria, Feria de Pueblos - 34 different countries participate from all over the world. They all have own little Casetas, Houses and the meaning is to display culture, food, traditions, history - all of it. This Feria will last 4 days ( Friday- Monday) And on Saturday they organize a parade through the city. So another great weekend of FUN ahead.

                          Life for sure is not boring down here in Andalucia! 

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