Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Copa Del Rey 2011

Hahhaa.. this football crazy country!
Im getting sucked into football as well. It is all over and everywhere.
I want to go to see one of these REAL football games one of these days.. Ive never been to one. I just want t sit there and feel the passion of all the supporters singing and screaming.

Life, Love, Passion = Football!

Everyone has a team to support and all the little kids ( and bigger) play football in parks and beaches. Everysingle bar, cafe and restaurant has a tv or many and all the games are shown and all the people are watching. Football is everything here.

As we all know ( !!) Spain won the World Cup last time.

 Espana is simply the best. 

Today was the final of Copa Del Rey.  The Spanish Cup .
And not just any final, it was between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.
THE 2 teams in Spain.
The best ones that pays the biggest salaries in the world. Every little footballers dream to play here.

Saturday they played the first part and finished 1-1 , so today it was all or nothing for both of them!

The Final was played in Valencia- and Real Madrid WON! 

Last time these 2 teams played in final was 1990!! and then Barcelona won. So.. was it Madrids turn now?? However- there will be more to come.. since these same teams play against eachothers next week again on Champions League Semi-Finals, 27th April and 3rd May- one of them will go to Wembley end of May to play for this years Champions League Trophy.. which one will it be?? hmm...

- I hope, at the end, people here will be  just happy  one of the final  teams will be Spanish anyway! But what do I know Im not Spanish and Football for me is just good looking men running around ;)

I congratulate Real Madrid.

I also heard my neighbours were happy... what a scream !! hahaa!! I really love this! I love it when people get so passionate and shows it!! ( in a good way ofcourse- no-one likes huligans ) They had friends over to watch the game and lived everysecond. Our walls are paper here in Andalusia, so even though I was watching I could here them live those couple hours 100%!

It was a tough game, loads of "nearly goals" - and Im not getting into that more than this- since Im Finnish and dont know that much about football. Everyone can have their own opnions who played well and who not.

The gametime 90 minutes finished 0-0 so they went on 30mins extra-time... and on first half of that extra time, Cristiano Ronaldo ( ofcourse ) cashed his paycheck for this year and GOAAAAAAAAAL! or should I say GOOOOOOOOL! ( there is no A on goal in spanish). Handsome man, I must say, Especially when he smiled to his ears after that goal .. It was the only goal in the match. So I can imagine what a hero he is in Madrid at the moment. The guy who finally brought them Copa Del Rey .. Real has not won since 1993!

.... but there will be more. Now I want Barcelona to win the next time ;)

Football is really everything here. And not only the football.. everything around as well! Spanish women magazine  TELVA organized a poll for its readers about the footballers girlfriends.. - who is your favorite? Shakira was watching the game in Valencia and seemed really nervous..  they showed her many times during the game biting her nails.

TELVA footballers girlfriends

these are some  feelings via my tv studio;  I must add though.. it was a funny feeling to have a football studio home alone without a man in da house, usually its always Patrik who puts the football on, if someon puts. But I wanted to see this one, I felt like Im almost Spanish, knowing rest of the country is tuned on this same channel.  Newspapers will be all about this match tomorrow and so will be cafes, bars, parks, offices, homes- entire Spain will have an opionion about the game. But I guess, in Madrid- they will be happy!


Now I must add here "the feelings later on" 

when Real Players went to town to celebrate with the fans.. they dropped this trophy from the BUS and distroyed it completely!! OMG!

Copa Del Rey Trophy drops under the bus

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