Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Mall of the City


we have A Mall in Fuengirola. And not just any mall, we have Parque Miramar..

160 little shops, 1 hypermarket and 12 cinemas. Kids Park and free wifi-connection..
I could easily spend an entire day there, just walking from one shop to anothere. Cute little shops, few bigger. The main chains ofcourse, ZARA, Zara Home, Mango, C&A, H&M.. but also loads of cute little shops selling everything .. decorations, clothes, shoes shoes shoes, clothes, toys, candies, carpets, lamps, asian stuff, african stuff, watches and jewellery. Everything is there!

there is 12 movie theatres showing all the latest films, also in original version.

Eroski Hypermarket is a cheaper bigger real shop, food section is the biggest, but they have also loads of toys, clothes, tvs, games, radiators, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines. all of it. Many families goes to Miramar;  buy their weekly food, fill up their cars and just hang rest of the day there.

In Miramar, you can choose what you eat..

you can take a relaxing massage..

have your nails done;

and check your facebook;

and shop till you drop;

Miramar is nice with funky athmosphere. Shops are open Monday- Saturday till 22pm and has no siesta. Only 2 floors but big enough for me..

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