Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feb is Fun!

February. First of Feb!
The month of Valentine's Day and Love.....

How fast does these days go.. It was just December and New Years..
This month will be a cool cool month. We will get loads of visitors and Oskar will turn his BIG 6! My best friend from Finland is arriving in only 8days and guess who is counting days :) and then only few days after she goes back to FIN we have more visitors coming, and more visitors coming.
So, February is FUN!

I have really missed my girlfriends ..
Luckily there is Facebook and Skype, but still, live is much better!

This is me and my girlfriends last year in Helsinki, Elvis Show and Dinner at the Helsinki Casino

Also I see weather is getting nicer, atleast a bit. Degrees are higher, but the cold cold wind keeps our jackets and gloves on. For me it just seems odd that in less than 3 months it should be so warm here that waterpark will open. My kids are really waiting for that! The waterpark here in Fuengirola is somewhat in the middle of town and they see it all the time.. closed. What a tease to little kids!

Fuengirola Waterpark

And before that, first weekend of April amusement park opens in Benalmadena. This amusement park, Tivoli, is huge and quite fabulous. I have been there before, 2.5 yrs ago when we stayed one month in Benalmadena. Its owned by same company who owns Tivoli in Copenhagen and it is done and built with similar concept; different theme areas and shows. I will write more about it soon when I tell more about Benalmadena in general. Oskar "thinks" he remembers something, because he has seen pictures. But Ines for sure doesnt remember anything, she was this big when we were there;

Scarlett O'Hara

So, by easter-time, this part of the Costa should be already fully functioning paradise! yeah!

I spoke with a mommy I met in the playpark yesterday about this.. She has lived here for 4 yrs and told me that April is usually very nice, May even nicer. Then as she said it " in June the madness starts" - Afterall, this is a "Turistlandia". It is the turists that keeps many many businesses alive. Going to be interesting to see what it means. I have never lived before in a place like this, a turist heaven by the beach! I did get some feeling about it last August and September, was funny to sit in a bus, on my way to work, when rest of the bus was going to beach, carrying big bags of beach stuff...

This family loves swimming! Beach, Sun and Water ...is Happiness!

aaah, better stop dreaming.. its still many nights to go to those hot days!
back to February and reality; at this moment our Swimming Pool looks like this..  dirty and lonely.

compared to the lovely "oasis" pool we had in Estepona...

And this is our beach fun on First of Feb 2011, not quite yet bikini weather..

So,not quite bikini season yet.. but is allright.. only 3 months to go and SUMMER! yeaaaaaah!

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