Saturday, January 1, 2011

Food is Fun

Our family likes to eat. We eat a lot and always.

We also like to make it nice and special once in a while, set the table a bit nicer and make the dinner a family event, even though there is only the four of us and no guests.
I personally hate pots and frying pans on the table, so much actually, that  it has become a joke in this family.  In my world, we have a dishwasher, so it makes no difference to make things look nicer.

This year we decided to eat "scandinavian" on New Years Eve, simply because we all missed it :) 

Here are some images and feelings of our last night of 2010.

Dude with a new hairdo

 Crayfish-paste, we didnt have all the ingredients for proper Toast Skagen, so we improvised.

Salmon on rye-bread is always a hit in this family.

Mammas Fruitsalad

 I am a really super lousy baker. I never bake anything,. This is my version of a  ready made frozen strawberry cheesecake.

My grandmas old tableware set that I really love. Rörstrand.

 we did have a bottle of real snaps, but did not even open it :) so still here, waiting for guests and better parties.

It was a long wait till midnight. Luckily there are always Legos.

MIDNIGHT! Bring it on Spain!


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