Friday, January 7, 2011

Farewell My Dear Friend

Christmas has left the building!

As much as we like to make our home christmas, as much I like to take it all off.  Long party finally finished and time to move on..  Grey, rainy day like today is perfect time to say goodbye to our friends and check the damage.


My grandmas old  Christmas Elf  has had a great party,  I booked her a bed in Elfs Hospital for few days;

Sorry Rudolf, this relationship is not working... you have to leave. Ive got other men waiting, such as Bono and Elvis and Joaquin Sabina and Sting and Robbie and George and can keep your jingle bells. Thank You.

This year we had the ugliest Christmas Tree ever. I mean ever. White plastic monster ,that did not go together with any of the colours in our living room. Im happy to see him go. .. but kids loved it! we had no snow, so this tree was our snow and Finland and all the frosty men they don't get to do this year.

Memories from childhood and presents from loved ones. This box traveled all the way from FIN with us.

Since we just moved before Christmas we had no time to find a finnish speaking santa, we came up with a story.  "Santa is so busy giving out presents in Finland on Christmas Eve,  that he has no time to come to our home. He starts in FIN and then continues his journey with a  Magic Silver Sleigh. He will come sometime during the night and leave presents under the tree." We even left cookies and milk for Rudolf.

This year we only had funky business in da house.

Our dinnertable will be happy to see some other colors than just red.

Quick, Run! there is still something left..

Allthough, flowers will stay. Me and Flowers are forever.

It will be strange to walk on the streets.. since all this glory is gone too ;

but lets be happy! maybe our money will stay more in our wallets and no more toys to this house :)

Our first Spanish Navidad! and it was GREAT! something new also came to us, we had English Christmas Crackers for the first time- but not last! We loved them! Me, especially, a bit crazy that I am;   loved those nonsense little jokes so much that nearly went to buy more to get more jokes..

So almost there... One more party to go and we are done!!
Our youngest monkey will turn BIG 3 on Sunday and she will get her first ever, Big Girls Bicycle! somehow I have a feeling she will choose something..hmm.. Pink, Pinkish, Pinkier..?

Have a nice day everyone!

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